Wondering Why I’ve Gone All J.D. Salinger?

So…I’m still around.  Health is good.  The rumors that I’m holed-up in a in a shack, hunched over a typewriter are somewhat exaggerated.

My day job has been keeping me busy for a while, about a year ago, I temporarily moved out of state for a project.  I returned to Ohio recently and I’m just settling back into regular life.  Gonna downsize, move to a smaller place, meditate, stuff like that.

Not ready to hang up my soldering iron just yet, but I’m hoping to focus on just one or two small projects.  The writing continues, I’ve still got an unfinished draft for an interesting 1-Watt amp in the queue.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll even actually make it to BAF this Fall.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Have fun!



3 thoughts on “Wondering Why I’ve Gone All J.D. Salinger?

  1. Woody

    I was wondering what had happened to you am looking foward to some new articles . In paticular I miss your style of presentation like in your vidio about the 2sk180 curves that lead in ” Long ago before spice …. ” was priceless. And about your Frankenswine curve tracer and using a cheep $100 Tecktronics 465 scope I think you over paid. My 465 was $5 at a yard sale .

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