Monthly Archives: February 2016



Here’s the 75 Watt V-FET prototype on the bench. More wires than Keith Emerson’s Moog! Edit: Just a few days after I wrote that caption, Keith Emerson passed away. RIP Keith. Thanks for all the music.



Here’s the THD at 1W and 10W 🙂

Here’s the simplified schematic for V-FETRON. There’s a 20 Watt version and a 75 Watt version. I think I’ll give them clever names like: V-FETRON 20, and V-FETRON 75. The 20 Watt amp uses either 2SK82 or 2SJ28. The 75 Watt amp, created for our friend Tim, uses 2SK180. I have a few more transformer types on order to evaluate, then I’ll let you know how I addressed some of the various issues involved. Muhahahaha, more later.


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